Empowering Supply Chain Operations For The Future

We help organizations transform and safeguard their supply chains for years and years to come


Creating intelligent supply chains for the ever-changing world

Improve business and inventory models, diversify new sales channels, and secure strategic partnerships. Admiralis provides one-to-one consulting for organizations of all sizes so you can expand and transform your supply chain operations with solutions that are both proven, purposeful, and adaptive to the ever-changing challenges of today’s world.

Resilient and customer-centric supply chain strategy

Admiralis optimizes all the required materials and services for organizations in the required quality and quantity, and at the right time, in the right place, at a reasonable price.

What We Do


Procurement and Sourcing Management

Strategies that improve the customer experience and profitability

Operational Management

Stay agile and transform operations that are focused on your customers.

Cost Analysis

Discover value, create more opportunities for cost savings and implement sustainable business solutions.

Inventory Management and Analysis

Reduce end-to-end supply chain costs and stay ahead of inventory challenges always.

Marketing Strategy

Align sales and marketing, and understand what drives your customers.

About Admiralis

Holistic strategies and laser-focused process improvement for the entire supply chain operation

Savvy. Innovative. Data-Driven. Globally Minded. These are just a few of the titles that, Manuel Kuchen, founder of Admiralis, holds.


With a 15-year career delivering expertise in supply chain management, corporate finance, and Swiss taxation, Manuel has developed a reputation as a trustworthy partner in crafting and executing post-Covid-19 supply chain strategies, company valuations, and holistic due diligence services.


As a passionate and dedicated automotive manufacturing subject matter expert, Manuel drives continuous improvement by implementing advanced procurement policies and procedures.


His global educational experience in Germany, Switzerland, and the UK has given him an edge on improving operational processes, negotiating favorable deals, and securing strategic partnerships worldwide. With an extensive background in Business Operations, Marketing, and Financial Analysis, Manuel understands the strategies needed to improve business and inventory models and prepare to diversify new sales channels.