Cost Analysis

Understand all your options for intelligent business decisioning


Maximize cost savings across your supply chain operations

From make-or-buy analysis to tax advisory, we use powerful cost estimation tools to empower your procurement team with the evidence they need to win negotiations with suppliers, identify alternatives and clearly defined procurement structures. We’ll help you leverage market fluctuations, obtain better product designs and improve supplier contracts to optimize every cost saving opportunity.


  • Make-or-buy decision analysis

  • Supplier cost analysis

  • Product breakdown and should-cost analysis

  • Cost-benefit analysis

  • Cost-to-serve analysis and optimization

  • Tax advisory

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Finding better ways with effective cost analysis

  • Gain more purchasing power

  • Improve supplier relationships

  • Leverage current toolsets and technology


Cost analysis to drive bottom-line efficiency

Gain deeper insights into operational spending, budget, supplier contracts, and more. We are your trusted partner in providing solutions that save costs, improve cash flow, and increase profit margins. Our tax advisory services will maximize savings and reduce risks.

  • Identified cost-saving measures while conducting global on-site classification and inspection visits to suppliers with technical departments.

  • Delivered global procurement market research and supplier monitoring for multinational project management to develop procurement strategies with the technical departments of various customers.

  • Generated 30% in procurement savings by facilitating purchasing and contract negotiations in cooperation with R&D and legal departments.

  • Established and maintained a global pool of suppliers for machinery and tools for the customers while providing on-behalf order placement, support, and deadline monitoring up to commissioning.

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Industries we serve

  • Automotive

  • Medical technology

  • Recycling

  • Construction

  • Furniture

  • Lighting technology

  • Chemistry